Join Someday Melissa at NYC NEDA Walk on October 2nd
Posted September 20, 2011

One of the most important aspects with the subject of eating disorders is the concept of voice. Finding the courage to tell someone that you need help for ED. Speaking your concerns to someone that you suspect may be suffering. Expressing why this issue is important when others are afraid to speak out because of fears and stigmas. There are times when you use your voice and the impact is immediately known. A smile, applause or even tears of joy from others. Other times, the effect may not be prompt but it is evident over time.

One of the goals of “Someday Melissa” is to be a voice for those whose lives have been impacted by ED and a voice of education. When I first viewed the documentary, I was particularly moved by a scene where Judy is speaking at the 1st NYC NEDA Walk (National Eating Disorders Association) in 2009 about Melissa and the then-upcoming documentary. As the camera pans around while Judy addresses the crowd, it is clear that her voice is resonating with the walkers. Nods of agreement, tears of remembrance, a connection being made.

As we approach the 3rd annual NYC NEDA Walk, the impact of Judy’s voice at that walk is still making a difference in people’s lives. Last week a woman contacted us about the film after viewing clips on YouTube of interviews with Judy about the film; as it turns out, she was a student in NYC and participated in that same NEDA walk. She is now living in Mexico and is excited to share the completed film with others in her recovery group and community. Every voice that speaks out about ED matters, and you don’t even have to talk in order to speak. Being a participant in events to educate and create awareness about ED means that you are a contributing voice.

This year, the Someday Melissa team will be participating in the NYC NEDA Walk on October 2nd to be a voice of support and encouragement to anyone whose lives have been affected by ED. If you’d like to join us, we welcome you to join the Someday Melissa team or make a donation to our team’s fundraising efforts. For more information, please visit the NYC NEDA Walk website or the Someday Melissa team page.

~ Elizabeth





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