What People Are Saying About Someday Melissa
Posted November 17, 2011

The impact of Someday Melissa around the world has been overwhelming:

“I am a 22 year old college student and I have struggled with bulimia all my life. This story has inspired me, and certainly made me seek out the help I have needed desperately to get well.”   “The story was genuine and listening to the family describe Melissa’s life was heartbreaking. I think it should definitely be available for others to see especially those currently suffering.”

“I know this film will make a difference. Parents and society in general know so little about these kinds of disorders! Discussion is much needed so we can all understand… so we can prevent and fight eating disorders. I’m in Chile -so far away from you – and yet your message reached me, as it will reach all kinds of people around the world. Thanks for doing this.”

“My mother and I watched the film together yesterday, it sparked many questions about my eating disorder from my mother. It also allowed her to learn a little bit more about eating disorders. My father said this movie is a great outlet for families and friends to talk with sufferers of eating disorders. With “Someday Melissa” they understand a bit more what an eating disorder is, so when the movie is over they have questions for the sufferer.’” She was inspired to create her own “Someday..”



“My best friend suffered from an eating disorder, and is still in the process of recovery. Everyday is a struggle, but things are definitely getting much better for her, and Someday Melissa helped me to understand maybe what’s going on in her head more. I just want you to know that the movie you made is changing lives.” “Thank you for creating an avenue to open this level of conversation about a prevalent and yet taboo subject.”


Please share your story about the way Someday Melissa has impacted you!!!!

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